Yahoo Review

Did you know Yahoo does hosting? Yep, in addition to search, directory, mail, auctions, shopping, and, well, everything else on the Internet, Yahoo also has a web hosting business geared towards small businesses.

While their packages are not as full-featured as others, nor as cheap, they have something else backing them up: Yahoo’s deep experience with managing web sites. As one of the first and largest portals, few companies have been running big sites under heavy loads as long as Yahoo.

On top of this, you also get their website builder. One thing Yahoo has always done well is web-based applications, and this is no exception. If you are new to site building, they won’t lead you wrong.

What The Reviewers Say

  • “One of the easiest places to start an online store.” – Version2
  • “One of the premier choice in web hosting.” – Upperhost

What They Say

Powerful design capabilities
Get everything you need to design and manage a professional web site, with or without previous site building experience:

  • Free Yahoo! SiteBuilder software comes with every package.
  • Step-by-step wizards and 300+ customizable web site templates allow for speedy results.
  • Support for Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and other HTML tools ensure you can work with your favorite software.
  • Add-ons like forms, counters, guestbooks, and more, make it easy to enhance your site.
  • Advanced scripting and database support with PHP, Perl, and MySQL offer even more robust design alternatives.
Reliability and security
Trust in Yahoo! Web Hosting’s proven record for business service.

  • Yahoo! Web Hosting has been a leader in the field for more than four years.
  • Yahoo! Web Hosting monitors its systems 24 hours a day and devotes significant resources to maintaining highly reliable facilities for hosting your web site.
  • Protect your data with snapshot backup and restore capabilities.
Scalable services
Can your business web site keep up with your business growth? Absolutely – with Yahoo! on your side.

  • Easily add disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts as your site, traffic, and business grow.
  • Simple upgrade process gives you tremendous flexibility to scale.
Award-winning ease-of-use.
Serious site building needn’t be difficult. Find out why PC Magazine says Yahoo! Web Hosting has “exceptional ease-of-use.”

  • Clear instructions and effective getting started guides get you up and running fast, and increase your ongoing success.
  • Intuitive control panels and tools make site management a snap.
  • Easy access to online help and toll-free, 24-hour customer support streamlines your site building experience.
Enhanced business communications
Increase your company’s productivity and professionalism with world-class business email that matches your domain.

  • Full-featured email program can serve your entire staff.
  • Access mail from anywhere using your favorite POP email client or our award-winning web interface.
  • Send and receive large, business-size attachments.
  • Detect and deter annoying junk email with SpamGuard.

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