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Don’t Starve Your Blog

If you have house plants, do you water them? Do you feed your pets? Your kids? Of course you do. The same goes for blogs. You need to give them something new each day. I know it’s hard. Writing a new post each day is, well, work, and when you have to pound them out the posts can feel like they are less than your best. Don’t let that discourage you.

You eat meals each day, right? Maybe not three, but at least a couple. Are all of them grand feasts, worthy of savoring and committing to memory? Of course not. Most are probably okay, maybe a few are crap, and once in a while you eat something really good.

The same deal applies to what you feed your blog. Not every post needs to be something wonderful and Digg-worthy. Obviously, if you have it in you to create such stellar content on a daily basis you should go for it, but most of us don’t, especially when starting out. Most of our posts will be just okay, with an occasional star shining through. This can be discouraging, as we want our blogs to be awesome exemplars that draw visitors by the thousands and links from far and wide. This can come, but first you need to get in the habit of writing posts on a daily basis.

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