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SingleHop’s Ajax Server Administration Tool

It is not often I get some scoop, but this one got leaked to me (shhhh!), so I’ll share it.

SingleHop is about to release a slick new management tool for their servers called LEAP that will definitely raise the bar for their competitors still using Plesk or CPanel. You get the interactivity of a desktop application but all in the portable convenience of your browser. Everything from configuration to provisioning to billing in one place. Pretty sweet.

For my fellow geeks out there, some details. It is Ajax, not Flash (or Flex), all built on top of Ext JS. Always good to seem web standards winning over proprietary stuff.

In any case, check it out. SingleHip should be releasing LEAP this week:

Update (21/Jul/2008 12:21): LEAP is now live on SingleHop’s site. I guess my “scoop” is now old news. Still a nice Ajax app, tho.