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.CO Is No .COM

The .CO top-level domain is opening up over the next three months, and many are predicting it will soon be on par with .COM in terms of desirability. This belief is even built into the way the domain is being released. There are three stages: one for trademark holders, one for general advanced orders, and then one for every one else. The catch, of course, is the price. There is some variation between registrars, but the trademark holders and advanced orders are looking at a couple hundred dollars a pop for these domains. In return they get a jump on everyone else, as regular priced orders don’t start until July. If people didn’t expect a big demand, they wouldn’t pay the premium for the time advantage. And even after the premium periods, these domains will still be thirty bucks a year, well north of the $7 to $9 that most of us pay for our .COM domains.

Only 10 registrars will be handling .CO domains and they are hoping to hit it big. Mark Boost from LCN suggest that the .CO roll out “has the potential to become the biggest global domain since the 1985 launch of .COM”. David Andrews from domain.com predicts “we’ll see a rush of companies launching or re-launching their brands around their .CO name.”

Okay. I’ll buy that a boat-load, hell a fleet-load, of money will be spent for these domains. I don’t doubt that .CO will be far more successful than, say, .biz. I even believe that there will be an insane landrush and normal folks will be lucky to get obscure things like antiquebutterdishes.co.

But I don’t buy it replacing .COM or even seriously challenging it.

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