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StartLogic is one of the big names in hosting, despite only being around for a few years. They actually started as a reseller for iPowerweb, but quickly outgrew that and starting running their own servers. They are based in Arizona which has the geographic advantage of being off the beaten path for most natural disasters (i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and floods). Anyone with service affected by Ivan or Katrina knows what mother nature can do to your web traffic.

Of course, when looking for a web host, you are probably concerned with more than their location, and StartLogic has plenty more. Their plans are solid and follow a simple one-plan-per-hosting-class model. So there is one shared Unix plan, one shared Windows plan, and so on. This is pretty nice, since each plan has to be competitive in its class, but you are not forced into a one-size-fits-all situation.

With their latest plans, StartLogic again shows that they can push the envelope on keeping hosting affordable. Don’t worry, though. Only the price is cheap; the hosting experience remains top notch.

Shared Hosting

Shared unix hosting has been StartLogic’s centerpiece since inception and it is still where they shine. Their ProLogic plan gives you scads of storage and transfer at a price than beats most of their competitors. If you are just getting starting, you’ll find their site builder useful. It includes a wide variety of templates, a logo editor, and some other goodies. For more advanced sites, Agora Cart, OsCommerce, and PHP Nuke are included as well.

StartLogic’s Windows plan, WindowsLogic, is much weaker than their Unix offering. Less storage, less bandwidth, higher price tag. It actually looks like a decent early-2005 plan, suggesting that they just haven’t gotten around to updating it. While all the nice features are there (ASP, .Net, Access, etc.), the plan just isn’t competitive today. Let’s hope they rectify this soon.

 Plan Name   Storage   Transfer   Domains   Price   Features 
 ProLogic   unlimited   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 

Unix, VDESK, free domain name, MySQL, Agora cart, OsCommerce, web builder, PHP, Perl.

 WindowsLogic   100 MB  1,000 GB   1   $8.95 

Windows, VDESK, free domain name, ASP, ASP.Net, Access, MySQL, shopping cart, AW Stats, PHP, Perl.

* All prices on this site are based on a two year signup.

In the interest of completeness, I should mention that there is another shared Unix plan called PersonalLogic. It is a very crippled variant of the ProLogic plan for $3.95 per month. I cannot imagine a situation in which it makes sense to sign up for that plan with ProLogic so close in price and so much richer in features. Don’t waste your time on PersonalLogic.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a happy medium between a full dedicated server and shared hosting. As such, they are becoming an increasingly popular hosting choice when more control and power is needed. StartLogic offers several levels of VPS, with a simple scaling of storage, memory, transfer, and price as you move up. Their VPS plans are very competitive both in terms of features and price.

 Plan Name   Storage   Transfer   Memory Burst 
 VPSLogic   20 GB   1,000 GB   1 GB   $29.95 
 VPSLogic Pro   40 GB   1,500 GB   1.5 GB   $39.95 
 VPSLogic Premium   60 GB   2,000 GB   2 GB   $49.95 

* All prices on this site are based on a two year signup.

Dedicated Servers

In updating this review, as I do from time to time, I was somewhat dreading updating this section because StartLogic has twelve different server packages and building my little tables is tedious. Still, I do not want to fail my loyal readers, so I was prepared to buckle down and do it.

Small problem. Every single one of their server packages is sold out. Now, I understand that this happens. It has happened to both HostGator and midPhase in the last couple of years. But neither of them was flouting a dozen different configurations. I can’t help but wonder how they ran out of all of them before anyone noticed that they were running out of some of them. I’ll drop them some email and see what I can find out, but for the moment, StartLogic is out of the dedicated server business.


StartLogic’s support is excellent. 24/7/365 live toll-free phone support is sadly still rare in the hosting world, but you will find it here. In addition, they have an online ticketing system with good turnaround time and an active support forum.

What the Reviewers Say

  • “Give them a shot.” — Top Web Hosting Reviews
  • “Another excellent choice in quality web hosting.” — Web Hosting Reviews
  • “…an excellent alternative to “economy” web hosts.” — Web Host Auditor
  • “With the variety of hosting packages and the oodles of support you won’t be making a bad decision by choosing StartLogic as your host.” — Web Hosting Jungle
  • “Five Stars” — HostSpecs

Customer Testimonials

  • “Everyone at StartLogic has been very helpful getting my web site on line. When I signed up for your service, it was amazing how fast my web site was put on line and how many inquiries I got within the first few days.” — Ellen (
  • “I’m a programmer (fortune 100 company). I have moved several of my friend’s and non-profit organization sites to StartLogic. Your service is great. DEPENDABLE! Bandwidth is excellent.” — Bradley Z.
  • “I have been using a competitor for three years now and decided I have had enough. I have been paying them three times as much as your service cost and never talk with real people. Your control panel is the best I have ever seen. I had my site transfered and configured in 3 days.” — Sam T.

What StartLogic Says

StartLogic is one of the leading providers of web hosting solutions and services for global business. Thousands of businesses, from all over the World, rely on our advanced, easy-to-use, reliable hosting solutions and award winning customer service to power their online presence.

StartLogic offers a full line of solutions for personal, business, government, and educational customers, including:

  • Hosting services for your website and other important data.
  • E-commerce solutions that enable your business to sell over the Internet.
  • Security measures to protect your information assets.
  • Applications that allow the Internet to make your business more productive.

At StartLogic we believe the key to the best business relationships is a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs, priorities and expectations. We also believe that satisfied customers are the result of providing prompt, dependable, worthwhile service. We shall always strive to deliver innovative products and state-of-the-art technologies that meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers.

We are devoted to providing our customers World-Class hosting and ebusiness solutions at an affordable price.

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