IX Web Hosting Review

Founded in 1999, IX Web Hosting is actually pretty old as web hosts go, but they don’t seem to be as well known as a lot of others. They are not obscure, but they just haven’t gotten the name recognition of HostMonster, Just Host, or many of the Endurance brands such as Startlogic or Powweb. Some may see this as a sign of poor quality; surely a good host would be well known, right? Not necessarily. IX may not be the first name people think of for hosting, but it isn’t for lack of worth.

Actually IX is quite a good host, especially for a business site due to their belief in giving their customers dedicated IP addresses. They offer both Window and Linux shared hosting and VPS hosting, and their support is reliable and available 24/7 by either phone or chat. Overally, IX is an often overlooked gem that has yet to be discovered by the mainstream. We’ll just keep it our secret, okay?

As a side note, IX is based in Ohio. I live in Pittsburgh, so I could toss in plenty of Ohio slurs, but it is actually a decent place for a datacenter. This neck of the woods doesn’t get earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes. We got a fair bit of snow this winter, but even that is unusual. If you’ve ever had service disruption due to mother nature, you understand that non-volatile terrain can be a very good thing.

Shared Hosting

As with most web hosts, shared hosting is the centerpiece of IX Web Hosting. They have three Linux and two Windows plans, all of which include the now customary unlimited space/traffic/domains. The tiering is based on included domains for life and dedicated IP addresses. The Windows offerings are just as competitive and the Linux ones, which is certainly not the case for many hosts. For some time now, they have had the same pricing for the Business and Unlimited Pro plans, so it is unclear to me why anyone would pick the former.

Those dedicated IP addresses mentioned above are what really set IX Web Hosting apart from the pack. Most shared hosts have a few IP addresses on each machine and all the sites share them. If you need SSL, you’ll get your own, perhaps for a fee, but generally you are on the same IP address as sites about pet snakes, car probems, and 1990s sit-coms. This may not be a problem most of the time, but you certainly don’t want to have problems because some other site misbehaved and got their IP blacklisted. And some folks swear up and down that having distinctive IP addresses can be a win for SEO purposes. I think the jury is still out on that, but having your own IP address is definitely a winning feature and IX doesn’t just give you one, but up to 15 depending on the plan. Very cool.

Plan Name Basics Features Price*
Expert (Linux) Space: unlimited
Traffic: unlimited
Domains: unlimited
1 domain for life, 2 dedicated IP addresses, H-Sphere/EasyApps, $100 in advertising credits, ASP/ASP.net, 50 MySQL databases, 50 PostgreSQL databases, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails. $3.95
Business (Linux) Space: unlimited
Traffic: unlimited
Domains: unlimited
The same as Expert, but 2 domains for life, 3 dedicated IP address, and $125 in advertising credits. $7.95
Unlimited Pro (Linux) Space: unlimited
Traffic: unlimited
Domains: unlimited
The same as Business (Linux), but 3 domains for life, 15 dedicated IP address, and $150 in advertising credits. $7.95
Business (Windows) Space: unlimited
Traffic: unlimited
Domains: unlimited
2 domains for life, 3 dedicated IP addresses, H-Sphere/Easyapps, $125 in advertising credits, ASP/ASP.net, Coldfusion MX, ODBC, MS Access, 100 MS SQL 2005 databases, 50 MySQL databases, 50 PostgreSQL databases, PHP, Perl. $9.95
Unlimited Pro (Windows) Space: unlimited
Traffic: unlimited
Domains: unlimited
Same as Business (Windows), but 3 domains for life, 15 dedicated IP addresses, $150 in advertising credits, unlimited MS SQL 2005 databases, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited PostgreSQL databases. $9.95

* All prices on this site are based on a two year signup.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are a happy medium between a full dedicated server and shared hosting. As such, they are becoming an increasingly popular hosting choice when more control and power is needed. IX Web Hosting offers several levels of VPS, with a simple scaling of storage, memory, transfer, and price as you move up. Their VPS plans are competitive both in terms of features and price.

Plan Name Basics VPS Stats Features Price*
x2 Space: 10GB
Traffic: 500GB
Domains: unlimited
Minimum RAM: 384 MB
Burst RAM: 1024 MB
CPU: 1x core Xeon
No control panel, Windows or Linux, Virtuozzo, 2 dedicated IP addresses. $29.95
x4 Space: 50 GB
Traffic: 1.5 TB
Domains: unlimited
Minimum RAM: 768 MB
Burst RAM: 4092 MB
CPU: 4x core Xeon
The same as x2, but includes either CPanel (Linux) or Plesk (either). $54.95
x8 Space: 100 GB
Traffic: 2 TB
Domains: unlimited
Minimum RAM: 2048 MB
Burst RAM: 8192 MB
CPU: 4x core Xeon
The same as x2, but includes either CPanel (Linux) or Plesk (either). $89.95

* All prices on this site are based on a two year signup.


IX Web Hosting’s support is excellent. 24/7/365 live toll-free phone support is sadly still rare in the hosting world, but you will find it here, as well as a similarly always-available chat option. In addition, they have an online ticketing system with good turnaround time. The do not have a support forum, which is an unfortunate deficiency, but it is not enough of a problem for me to not recommend them.

What the Reviewers Say

  • “IX Web Hosting is a great choice if you are looking for a solid value with plenty of features .” — Big Hosts
  • “IX web hosting is the best in customer support.” — Host Cent
  • “…a main advantage of IX Web over its other competitors is its highly efficient technical support.” — Web Host Insider
  • “IXWebHosting will offer you and your business or personal website the highest and most quality hosting.” — Web Hosting Jungle

Customer Testimonials

  • “I am beginning my 3rd year with IX and gladly so. I am consistently happy with the customer support and I am frequently pleasantly surprised at the number of features offered by this very affordable service.” — Philippe (Aubuchonproductions.com)
  • “I have used a couple different web hosting companies over the past 5 years in support of a dozen domains (some small and some large). IXWebHosting is a cut above the others.” — Glenn (Icelect.com)
  • “I have been using a competitor for three years now and decided I have had enough. I have been paying them three times as much as your service cost and never talk with real people. Your control panel is the best I have ever seen. I had my site transfered and configured in 3 days.” — Sam T.

What StartLogic Says

We have our own data center
When you’re researching a hosting company, this is an important thing to look for. Companies that outsource their hosting customers to other companies are not working for you; they’re working for the dollar signs you represent. They aren’t close enough to the servers where your information is held to care — to tear-up and light a candle when a server dies — or to fight to prevent issues that will ultimately affect you.
We’ve been in business since 1999
We know that selling hosting isn’t the same as selling a car. We are responsible for your website’s security, as well as your happiness with our service. We don’t take your money and hurry off to sell the next model. Getting a hosting plan is only the beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship with IX Web Hosting. In ’99, we were the newbie on the much-smaller hosting scene. Even though we are seasoned-professionals now, we know there is plenty to learn and many innovations and improvements to be made. We have been improving our service since 1999 and hope that with each new customer, we get another opportunity to be better — and not just better than the competition, but better than ourselves.
Our call center is right here, in the US
Hopkinsville, Kentucky; to be exact. We know that normally, just being located in the US wouldn’t be something to brag about, but with all of the complaints concerning support employees having too-low a command of English to help you, let alone greet you properly, we thought we should mention it.
Our future
The best thing about being in the internet-business (besides being able to say that we’re “in the internet business”) is that we are part of a revolutionary development in communication and information. While other hosting companies may think their involvement with the internet stops at collecting your money and squeezing your site into an already over-stuffed server, we have a pretty different idea. For one, we are working on some serious improvements to our already state-of-the-art data center. We’re working on being as energy-efficient as possible, while still maintaining reliability. We’re striving towards making our customer service department even friendlier and more efficient.
Normally, we are a pretty modest bunch here at IX. However, when it comes to the excellent awards we win year in and year out, we figured we’d show off just a little bit. Over the years we’ve earned top honors from some of the most prestigious review sites around. We’ve captured gold in Budget Hosting, Blog Hosting, and even Top Overall Host, just to name a few.

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