EasyCGI Review

Once upon a time, I recommended EasyCGI as a great Windows host. They focused on just that area and as a result they did very well. Time changes things, of course. In this case, the change came from their acquisition by the Endurance International Group (EIG), which is never a good thing for a web host. EIG is like the Borg from Star Trek. It assimilates web hosts in way that may be good for EIG, but makes the web hosts less than they were.

For completeness I’ll list their offerings, but I cannot recommend them as a web host.

Shared Hosting

Their shared plans follow the familiar tiered pattern, albeit with somewhat confusing names. By the way, while you may see other reviews saying that EasyCGI supports ColdFusion, this is unfortunately no longer the case. Their official statement is: “Due to the lack of demand for the product, we are no longer supporting ColdFusion on new accounts.”

Plan Name Basics Features Price*
Advanced Space: 350 GB
Traffic: 3,500 GB
Domains: unlimited;
Windows 2000, Access, unlimited datasources, 50 MySQL databases, ASP, ASP.Net, Persits ASPUpload, ASPJpeg and ASPEmail, PHP, Perl. $7.96
Advanced X2 Space: 500 GB
Traffic: 5,000 GB
Domains: unlimited
Same as basic, plus an additional 50 MySQL databases, Frontpage extensions, Index server, and WebTrends reports. $15.96
Advanced X4 Space: 750 GB
Traffic: 7,500 GB
Domains: unlimited
Same as intermediate, plus SQL Server and unlimited MySQL databases. $21.96

* All prices on this site are based on a two-year signup.

What EasyCGI Says

World Class Web Hosting Services

Easy CGI has custom developed an infinitely expandable shared web hosting platform which allows for complete flexibility. This strengthens our ability to offer new features and cutting edge technology upon availability. Our control panel allows the customer to administer every aspect of their account at any time, from any location. Easy CGI´s three tiers of shared Web hosting solutions make the Company´s services suitable for a wide range of individuals and companies looking to host websites ranging from simple to complex. The result is superior flexibility and increased self-reliance over all account features.

Many hosting companies outsource their technology needs or keep their servers in a remote location. At Easy CGI we maintain our own Data Center located in the same facility as our corporate headquarters. Extensive system monitoring allows our support staff to quickly assess and resolve problems that may occur.

Easy CGI Support Staff

The Internet and Web Hosting industries are built on relatively new technologies that are still constantly changing. A Web Hosting company must have the experience and knowledge to help its customers through the process without creating confusion. Our highly knowledgeable staff is trained with this in mind. We provide quick resolutions to technical problems, allowing the customer to focus on more important aspects of their business.

The Easy CGI Advantage

Easy CGI strives to be on the leading edge of the Web hosting industry through superior technology, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Becoming an industry leader through maintaining steady customer and revenue growth, while continuing to provide excellent service, is Easy CGI’s vision for the future. With thousands of hosting companies to choose from, it’s no easy task to pick a company that provides the best service and support. Easy CGI is committed to making your web hosting experience the best it can be. Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

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