Don’t Starve Your Blog

If you have house plants, do you water them? Do you feed your pets? Your kids? Of course you do. The same goes for blogs. You need to give them something new each day. I know it’s hard. Writing a new post each day is, well, work, and when you have to pound them out the posts can feel like they are less than your best. Don’t let that discourage you.

You eat meals each day, right? Maybe not three, but at least a couple. Are all of them grand feasts, worthy of savoring and committing to memory? Of course not. Most are probably okay, maybe a few are crap, and once in a while you eat something really good.

The same deal applies to what you feed your blog. Not every post needs to be something wonderful and Digg-worthy. Obviously, if you have it in you to create such stellar content on a daily basis you should go for it, but most of us don’t, especially when starting out. Most of our posts will be just okay, with an occasional star shining through. This can be discouraging, as we want our blogs to be awesome exemplars that draw visitors by the thousands and links from far and wide. This can come, but first you need to get in the habit of writing posts on a daily basis.

Here are the most important reasons to keep churning out those new posts:

1. A living blog is a living blog.

I’m mixing two definitions here, of course. If you treat your blog like a living thing (in the sense of feeding it daily) it is more likely to become a living thing (in the sense of being active and thriving). Dead blogs or even just sick ones don’t inspire return visits.

We’ve all had the experience of We come across a blog post and think “Hey, I like this… what else is one here?” only to find that nothing has been posted in weeks or months (or years!). Do you subscribe to those blogs or even make a point to come back later? I don’t. Most of the time there is little point.

On the other hand, the opposite can also be true. A busy blog gives visitors hope that more of the good stuff is coming. Feed your blog regularly and your readers are more likely to come back.

2. Practice makes perfect

The saying is trite, but that doesn’t make it untrue. Writing a post each day can be hard work at first and the posts will tend to be so-so, but the writing will get easier and the posts will get better. Even if you think your mediocre posts are just drab filler, they are helping you become better at your craft. They are harbingers of the better posts to come and that value should not be ignored.

3. If it makes Google happy, it can’t be that bad.

If regular content makes your visitors happier, it makes search engines ecstatic. Google has long made it clear that they like fresh content, so give it what it wants. Even with Bing’s rise from MSN’s ashes and Yahoo’s persistence, Google still handles the lion’s share of the searches ( If you want traffic, Google is still the biggest game in town.

4. It makes Twitter happy too.

Social media outlets like Twitter and StumbleUpon are the only traffic drivers that can compete with Google. If you create new posts each day, you have more pages to share socially and more pages for others to share. Tweeting the same pages day after day won’t gain you followers, but new stuff each day just might. Just remember to include the appropriate tags, reciprocate attention where appropriate, and don’t spam. Social media is a big deal for a reason and blogs are fundamentally social creatures.

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