Most Popular Hosts in January 2010

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
 1   4   DreamHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 2   1   BlueHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 3   3   HostMonster   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 4   5   Just Host   review coming   unlimited   unlimited   $4.95 
 5   2   HostGator   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 6   8   midPhase   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 7   9   ANHosting   read review   625 GB   6,250 GB   $6.95 
 8   7   StartLogic   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 
 9   10   EasyCGI   read review   750 GB   7,500 GB   $7.96 
 10   6   Yahoo!   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $9.95 

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

DreamHost bounced back to the top, but the siblings BlueHost and HostMonster held on nicely to numbers 2 and 3. JustHost has snuck ahead of HostGator again, suggesting that price is perhaps a more dominating factor in these trying economic times. In the lower half of the top ten, we have a bit more movement, with Yahoo tanking down to 10 and midPhase moving back to 6, but it remains to be seen if either is indicative of a longer trend.

I should acknowledge that this list is terribly late. The tardiness is somewhat due to the wretched weather here in Pittsburgh (and another 8 inches is due before tomorrow night), but also me allowing myself to take my eye off the ball. My apologies.

Happy Hosting, folks. Stay warm.

Most Popular Hosts in December 2009

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
 1   6   BlueHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 2   3   HostGator   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 3   2   HostMonster   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 4   1   DreamHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 5   4   JustHost   review coming   unlimited   unlimited   $4.95 
 6   5   Yahoo!   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $9.95 
 7   9   StartLogic   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 
 8   7   midPhase   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 9   8   ANHosting   read review   500 GB   5,000 GB   $6.95 
 10   10   EasyCGI   read review   750 GB   7,500 GB   $7.96 

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

BlueHost seems to have overcome the pre-holiday blahs that dumped it down to sixth place in November. HostGator and HostMonster (BlueHost’s alter ego) slid in just behind it, with DreamHost sliding several of spots to fourth. For the first time in a number of months, the top four hosts make some sense. JustHost stayed in the top five because it is cheap and not bad.

On the downside, midPhase and its sister site ANHosting slid further down the list. Ever since the UK2 buyout, their reputation for decent service and support has been crumbling away and the word of mouth is hurting them. I still think they are better than any of Endurance’s cavalcade of offerings, but new hosting customers may not agree.

It’s a new year and 2010 is off to a blustery start here in Pittsburgh. Happy hosting and bundle up.

The Biggest Secret in Web Hosting?

In the Seinfeld episode “The Millennium,” Elaine feels slighted by a sales clerk and decides to try to put the store out of business. As part of this ill-conceived plan, she buys a ton of stuff from a competitor, only to find out that both stores are owned by the same woman who annoyed Elaine in the first place. Much of what makes this funny is that Elaine was such a reactionary, but another factor is that it’s not happening to us.

We have a similar situation going on in web hosting. A large number of web hosts are actually owned by one company that most web developer, designers, and bloggers have never heard of. That company is Endurance International Group and they have over 700,000 customers spread over 25 different hosting brands.