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Black Friday Hosting Deals for 2010

A bunch of deals so far and I’ll add more here as they are announced:

  • HostGator has a doozy of a Black Friday deal. From midnight until 5AM CST, everything is 50% off. Everything. And between 5AM and 9AM CST, everything is an awesome 80% off. After 9AM CST, things go back to the 50% off level until midnight Friday night, which is still a great deal. Easily the best deal I’ve seen this year.
  • WestHost, part of the UK2 team alongside ANHosting and MidPhase, is doubling your hosting term for free. Buy one year and get two. Any plan.
  • Cool Handle Hosting is offering a free year of Linux shared hosting. Yep, free (except for a $5.95 set-up fee, but six bucks for a year of hosting ain’t too shabby).
  • If you are looking for a server, you are definitely in luck. is offering up to 70% off all its servers to celebrate 15 years in the business. You will not see deals like this very often.

Most Popular Web Hosts in October 2010

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
1 2 IX Web Hosting read review unlimited unlimited $3.95
2 4 DreamHost read review unlimited unlimited $8.95
3 1 HostGator read review unlimited unlimited $8.95
4 6 HostMonster read review unlimited unlimited $5.95
5 3 BlueHost read review unlimited unlimited $6.95
6 5 Just Host read review unlimited unlimited $4.95
7 7 MidPhase read review unlimited unlimited $6.95
8 10 ANHosting read review 625GB 6,250GB $6.95
9 9 StartLogic read review unlimited unlimited $5.95
10 8 MochaHost (review coming) unlimited unlimited $5.06

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

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