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.CO Is No .COM

The .CO top-level domain is opening up over the next three months, and many are predicting it will soon be on par with .COM in terms of desirability. This belief is even built into the way the domain is being released. There are three stages: one for trademark holders, one for general advanced orders, and then one for every one else. The catch, of course, is the price. There is some variation between registrars, but the trademark holders and advanced orders are looking at a couple hundred dollars a pop for these domains. In return they get a jump on everyone else, as regular priced orders don’t start until July. If people didn’t expect a big demand, they wouldn’t pay the premium for the time advantage. And even after the premium periods, these domains will still be thirty bucks a year, well north of the $7 to $9 that most of us pay for our .COM domains.

Only 10 registrars will be handling .CO domains and they are hoping to hit it big. Mark Boost from LCN suggest that the .CO roll out “has the potential to become the biggest global domain since the 1985 launch of .COM”. David Andrews from predicts “we’ll see a rush of companies launching or re-launching their brands around their .CO name.”

Okay. I’ll buy that a boat-load, hell a fleet-load, of money will be spent for these domains. I don’t doubt that .CO will be far more successful than, say, .biz. I even believe that there will be an insane landrush and normal folks will be lucky to get obscure things like

But I don’t buy it replacing .COM or even seriously challenging it.

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The Planet Joins Linux Foundation

Leader in IT hosting sees Linux Foundation membership as a natural step to inform its cloud computing strategy

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2010 – The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, today announced The Planet as its newest member. The Planet is a global leader in IT hosting and will participate in community initiatives and projects that support enterprise Linux.

The emergence of cloud computing and virtualized environments in the Web hosting industry has opened the door the Linux community to gain important competitive advantages. The Planet leverages Linux platforms to provide these services across its global customer base.

“Our new Server Cloud, which is in beta with more than 500 customers, has been developed on the KVM hypervisor included in the Linux kernel,” said Duke Skarda, vice president of IT and Software Development for The Planet. “KVM is the future of Linux-based server virtualization. As we continue to evolve and enhance the platform, our goal is to access the Linux development community to gain vision and insights on emerging technologies. More than 80 percent of our 20,000 customers and partners rely on Linux platforms to manage their hosting operations, so our membership directly supports their work.”

The Planet is one of the world’s leading IT hosting companies, and their contributions to Linux are important to sustaining Linux’s business-class leadership,” said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marking and developer programs at The Linux Foundation. “We expect The Planet to be among the first companies to launch a large-scale public-cloud service on KVM and we applaud their foresight and vision.”

JustHost Coupon – 50% Off

Here’s a new JustHost coupon for you worth a whopping 50% off! Of course, there is a catch. It is only good for one signup per IP address and only on the day you first try it. You can’t start your signup, hem and haw, and then signup next week. Once you’ve entered the coupon code, you have that day only.

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