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Most Popular Hosts in January 2010

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
 1   4   DreamHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 2   1   BlueHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 3   3   HostMonster   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 4   5   Just Host   review coming   unlimited   unlimited   $4.95 
 5   2   HostGator   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 6   8   midPhase   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 7   9   ANHosting   read review   625 GB   6,250 GB   $6.95 
 8   7   StartLogic   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 
 9   10   EasyCGI   read review   750 GB   7,500 GB   $7.96 
 10   6   Yahoo!   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $9.95 

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

DreamHost bounced back to the top, but the siblings BlueHost and HostMonster held on nicely to numbers 2 and 3. JustHost has snuck ahead of HostGator again, suggesting that price is perhaps a more dominating factor in these trying economic times. In the lower half of the top ten, we have a bit more movement, with Yahoo tanking down to 10 and midPhase moving back to 6, but it remains to be seen if either is indicative of a longer trend.

I should acknowledge that this list is terribly late. The tardiness is somewhat due to the wretched weather here in Pittsburgh (and another 8 inches is due before tomorrow night), but also me allowing myself to take my eye off the ball. My apologies.

Happy Hosting, folks. Stay warm.