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Most Popular Hosts in September 2009

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
 1   1   HostMonster   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 2   2   DreamHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 3   3   BlueHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 4   4   Just Host   review coming   unlimited   unlimited   $4.95 
 5   5   HostGator   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 6   6   midPhase   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 7   7   ANHosting   read review   500 GB   5,000 GB   $6.95 
 8   8   StartLogic   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 
 9   9   Yahoo!   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $9.95 
 10   10   EasyCGI   read review   750 GB   7,500 GB   $7.96 

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

This is a first. I’ve been doing this since spring 2004 and I have never seen it happen. Not a single change in the top ten. On the one hand, it is interesting because it hasn’t happened before. On the other hand, if we’re being honest, it is boring!

Imagine the color commentary on a race where the positions didn’t change: So-and-so is holding fast to number one, while whatshisname clings to number two, and whocares stay strong at three. Same as last lap. Sigh.

It is odd for September to be boring. The summer usually brings the dead times. Global warming causing delayed doldrums? Conspiracy theories are welcome.

Happy Hosting!