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JustHost Coupon – 20% Off

Use coupon code “JHSL20″ and you get 20% off of your hosting. Given that JustHost has some of the best prices (and on excellent hosting to boot), this is a definite win. That means you can get unlimited storage/unlimited transfer/unlimited domains for just $3.95 (two year commit). Anyway, give them a shot if you’re looking for a new host.

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Most Popular Hosts in July 2009

Host Review Storage Transfer Price*
 1   6   HostMonster   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 2   3   BlueHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 3   1   HostGator   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 4   2   DreamHost   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $8.95 
 5   4   midPhase   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $6.95 
 6   7   ANHosting   read review   500 GB   5,000 GB   $6.95 
 8   5   EasyCGI   read review   750 GB   7,500 GB   $7.96 
 8   9   StartLogic   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $5.95 
 9   8   Yahoo!   read review   unlimited   unlimited   $9.95 
 10   10   FatCow   not yet reviewed   unlimited   unlimited   $5.50 

* All prices on this site are for a two-year sign-up.

The summer is usually a bit of a doldrums for the hosting industry. Maybe it is because people are too busy with vacation or maybe it is just too hot to built new sites. Regardless of which, the fact is that summers are usually stagnant. That said, apparently BlueHost didn’t get the memo. Both their flagship brand and their spinoff HostMonster vaulted to the top of the list this month. They’ve always been solid hosts, so it is nice to see them get some love, although what HostGator and DreamHost did to give them the opportunity I couldn’t say.

The only other big move was EasyCGI’s drop to eighth from fifth and I am starting to get a bad feeling that this may be deserved. In March, EasyCGI bought WebStrike, but the acquisition has not been well received by some of WebStrike’s customers. Given how vocal some of the complaints have been, I suspect EasyCGI may have their hands pretty hull keeping the peace. If this is impacting their customer service for their core brand, they need to find a solution soon. Let’s hope they sort it out as decent Windows hosting has never been easy to find.

Happy Hosting!