Monthly Archives: July 2009 Gets a Web 2.0 Makeover

Networks Solutions is prepping a new version of their website to be release “on or around August 1, 2009.” The new design has a lot of the trappings of “Web 2.0″ look and there is mention of new features being added to their services as well. How good the feature enhancements turn out to be will have to wait for the actual release. In the meantime, you can check out the new site. Here’s a quick glance:

Network Solutions New Site

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A2 Hosting 40% Off Coupon

A2 Hosting understands how things are these days and it shows in their newest deal. Not only does this coupon code give you 40% off on web hosting, but the code itself shows they understand things. The code: economystinks. As I said, this gives you 40% off, but this isn’t 40% for the first few months before you get knocked back to full price. This is 40% off for whatever period you pay for upfront. If you sign up for a 24-month commitment, you get 40% for all 24 months.

Now, A2 Hosting is not the first host I’d recommend (not even in my top ten), but the price cut is still considerable if you are considering them.

Ultrahosting Coupons for July 2009

Ultrahosting has a number of coupon codes for July 2009. Not as aggressive as offers from some other web hosts perhaps, but if you are considering Ultrahosting anyway, you might as well save some cash while you’re at it.

Dedicated Servers

Plan Name Coupon Code Offer
Elite JulyElite09 5% Discount & Free Setup
Supreme JulySupreme09 7% Discount & Free Setup
ForteDuo JulyForteDuo09 10% Discount & Free Setup

Virtual Private Servers

Plan Name Coupon Code Offer
Linux L-Series JulyLVPS09 5% Discount
Windows W-Series JulyWVPS09 5% Discount
Windows V-Series July VVPS09 5% Discount


Plan Name Coupon Code Offer
Any Colocation JulyColo09 7% Discount